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Nautic SUP Paris Crossing 2016

It was cold morning, -2 degrees, 600 participants on starting point in yellow and pink t-shirts, water traffic on Seine river completly stopped.

This is how beginning of Nautic SUP Crossing Race looked like in Paris. There was 400 hundred amateurs, 100 professionalists and 100 participants in teams. As the winner of the race summed up “It was very cold, but lovely”.

Nautic SUP Paris Crossing 2016 route for professionalist it was 13.6 km. Amateurs had to paddle a litle bit shorter distance – 11 km. Despite minus temperature participants could admire the best views ever as Seine river is the most romantic scenery for stand up paddle race we have seen till now!

Below our photos from SUP race, which was an event created in paralell to Nautic Paris Boat Show – biggest indoor watersports exhibition in France which took place in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from 3 to 11 december 2016.

This is how it started! 2 minutes before 8 am participants started their race in minus 2 Celsius degrees.
There were people standing and watchingthe race among all race route, standing on bridges and cheering up participants. Impressive that water traffic on Seine was stopped during SUP race.

On the central island, race divided into two groups. Amateurs headed straight, pros turned right to paddle allaround two island in centre of Paris. The biggest challenge for pros was paddling against the current for additional 3 km. With the current speed 1.5km/h it wasn’t easy!

This is almost finish line! Mini Statue of Liberty on Swan Island signalise, that there is only one kilometer left to completion.

We are impressed. First participant from amateurs group, after less than an hour crossed finish line. Some of racers looked exhausted, others ecstatic and certainly all of them very happy.

Winner in pros category – HASULYO Bruno – tries to catch a breath. There was his brother taking part in the same race. He owned a good handshake as well.

In the movie below, it is visible, that brothers are very proud from each others achievements.

What was Bruno’s win strategy? Just paddle, paddle as hard as possible. As he said “If you have a bad start, later you need to give everything you can”. We wonder what he meant by “bad start” as paddling 13.6 km took him only 1:17:13. What would happen if he had a good start then?

In an hour other tired amateurs and pros reached finish line. As olimpic idea says: “It is more important to take part then win” (P. De Coubertin). Belive us, when we touched water in Seine, we can tell you that with minus temperature and fight with cold already taking part in this race in such a beautiful scenery made you a winner.